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Something New To Explore: Web Themes

I could never stop myself from dipping my fingers into a lot of things. I blog, I do a bit of web designing for friends and now I’m crazy about scrap booking, {not to mention crocheting, cooking, reading and a whole slew of hobbies}. For me, designing a web page becomes a whole lot easier if you know your way around image editing and graphic designing. You actually don’t even have to know 100% about coding to come up with a design for a website.

For one, there are a lot of WYSIWIG web site editors available now. I started that way, and while I do know a little bit about HTML and CSS, I hardly find it a pressure to come up with a theme with that little knowledge. What you don’t know, you can easily google, there are lots of tutorials out there or you can seek others help in forums.

Coming up with a generic looking theme is actually easy. I love using NVU and recently Artisteer to make templates. But the only complaint I have with these stuff is that in awhile you’ll be churning out templates that looks commonplace. But NOT if you make your own graphics. ┬áThose little color tweaks, image snippets you add on your web site gives it a whole customized look.

So I asked myself, why not combine these two things I so love doing? Tweaking stuff in Photoshop/Illustrator/Inkscape and make some templates for web sites? So then, I have a new project at hand. I’ll be posting previews of my free theme releases here. Downloads will be directed to another domain {which I have yet to buy.. I can’t think of a good name yet}.

Wish me lots of luck!

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