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Something for My Mom: Galaxy Note 8.0

I just got off from a lengthy phone conversation with my mom. Something that is hard when I’m living in another country. I do spend loads on phone bills but I don’t mind. If I could fly home at least every month or two, it would be better but that would be crazy on our finances. We’ve been asking her to come live with us or my sister here in Phnom Penh for at least half of the year.

But she loves our place in the Philippines. And I think she’d be heartbroken to leaven her massive garden.

The problem though is that she says she is always bored. My mom is not really a very social person, more like an introvert. Last time I went home, I hoarded lots of books for her. Reading and gaming (and gardening) are some of her favorite things to enjoy. Now she tells me she ran out of books already.

I searched for something that she can enjoy and just decided I’m going to give her a tablet. Load it with lots of games and ebooks. I’m thinking of getting her the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Just the right size.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (16GB, White)

I just know she’d love this!!

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