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Something I Witnessed

Last January 1st, I saw something horrible. It took me awhile to stop thinking about it and till now it still bothers me.

Hubby, kiddo and I went to have a ‘picnic lunch’ outside the city. It was our ‘bonding time’ and we had loads of fun driving out and eating yummy Cambodian food.

After eating the really hearty lunch we slowly drove back to the city hoping we could still enjoy an afternoon siesta at home. Then it just happened. It was like a flash.

We saw a really bad accident involving a tourist bus and a motorbike. It was really bad and both of the girls on the motorbike were dead on the spot. I would reckon a guess that they would have survived if they were wearing helmets but they were not.

It just saddens me that some people are still not wearing even cheap motorcycle helmets, I mean it could save their lives. It was a sad and terrifying thing to see. Both girls were still young teenagers. A whole life is just waiting in front of them.

By the time we drove past that I was literally shaking. It’s not a scene I would like to see again.

I know death and fate are intertwined but let’s not tempt fate by being careless. I’m not saying we should stop riding motorbikes but we all should take extra precautions and drive safely.

My prayers to those girls..

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