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Something For Lolo and Lola

Chinks loves playing around with my computer and everyday she gets thirty minutes to use my desktop. It’s either she plays with some games or doodles with MS Paint. Here’s one of her doodles.

She made this and asked me to email it to her Lolo and Lola and of course, it would always include Uwe, my sister. She says this is what she recalls of our house there in Bicol..

[singlepic id=1 w=400 h=350 mode=watermark float=center]

That’s one of her early work. I think she’s still trying to learn how to control the mouse. Now she’s a lot better and aiming to move on to drawing with just the touchpad. I’m thinking I want to buy her a graphic and pen tablet so she could draw with her hand and could just upload it directly to the computer..

And oh, Lolo is the Filipino word for Grandfather while Lola is for Grandmother.

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