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Software: NexusFont Manager

This isn’t strictly a graphic design or digiscrapping resource but designers would surely find this very useful. When I started playing around with graphic designing, I had just the basic fonts. But as you go along you tend to accumulate a lot of resources, like textures, images, vectors etc etc. And one way to enhance  a design or to make it standout is to use a well suited and unique font. So as time goes, you also accumulate hundreds if not thousands of fonts.

After a while I just noticed, I had thousands of fonts and I seriously can’t keep track of it. Also, if you install all these fonts, well for sure your computer system is bound to slow down.

The best solution now is to have a font manager where you can keep all your font collection in one folder and be able to preview each font to see if its suitable for each project. Now there are loads of font managers, paid or free out there, check out Smashing Magazine’s list of 25 Font Management Tools for various OS/platforms to check out what is most suitable for you.

NexusFont Interface

As for myself, I found a good match and I would highly recommend this free Font Manager called NexusFont.

NexusFont Interface

There are several things I love about this font manager..

  • its Free!
  • Yes, its free but its still an awesome piece of software. With a well designed interface and its very intuitive. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out how it works.
  • Keep all your fonts in one folder and manage it from there.
  • Easy install and uninstall of fonts direct from the NexusFont interface.
  • Automatic Font Activation. You don’t need to install a font. If your NexusFont is open, then you can automatically use all fonts inside it. So it doesn’t slow down your system.
  • You can create folders/sets/libraries. I segregated my fonts to sets like: Grunge, Dingbats, Handwritted/Scrapbook, Script etc. Makes it easy to find fonts I need.
  • Font Preview.
  • Portable. One of its best features. Not all computers have my fonts and I don’t need to download each one by one if I need to work remotely. So I get to have NexusFont on my USB and plug and play on any computer.
  • Duplicate searcher. Happens if you have thousands of fonts and this comes in handy to clean up some space.

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