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So What’s In Store For June?

After a really hectic week, its Saturday and I suddenly ran out of things to do.. Hehe I figured I could blog but I’m a little lazy. This morning we went around Phnom Penh, did a bit of shopping and had lunch somewhere in Tuol Kouk area. Hi-ace found this small restaurant popular with office going crowd serving Khmer food – eat all you can buffet lunch for only $2.5!

After an uber hearty lunch we came home replete and I fell asleep. Hmm, I must have been so tired the past week. I rarely fall asleep in the afternoons. After about an hour of napping, I got up to do some blogging, but I guess I was not in my blogging element. I ended up hopping from one site to another. And my last stop was checking my horoscope. I haven’t checked this since the last time I posted something about it in this blog..

So, what’s in store for June for a Piscean like me? I found this site Cafe Astrology where they actually have detailed monthly horoscope for each sign.. Hehe it’s fun knowing that..

Excitement is likely to revolve around finances and possessions for you this month, dear Pisces. There might be a sudden change in financial position, even a windfall or significant gift, a sudden urge to spend or invest money, a new money-making idea or project that seems to come out of nowhere, or new insights into money, money-making ability, or self-worth. Money might be seen now for its value as a tool used to achieve more freedom in your life. Home and family life is busy, and love relationships especially stimulating.

Now that is something! Hehe, I wonder when that windfall will come?

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  1. Hey, where is that Khmer resto with eat-all-you-can promo in TK area? Uyy, balato ha, pagdating ng windfall na iyan. Sana hindi bagyo hahaha.

  2. cafe de paris yata name, maliit lang sya? they usually have buffet pag weekdays, home cooked Khmer food talaga.. super sulit. 1-salad-6mains-1dessert-drinks $2.5 lang hehe ang sarap..oo naman sana nga dumating na yan..

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