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I’m a grown woman. I’m in my 30’s. Yet, I still fear the dentist’s clinic. If I could avoid visiting the dentist I would and if you’re selling dental insurance, I would probably avoid you like a plague too. But going there is inevitable. I know I keep trying to reason to myself that it’ll be fine, that I need to go anyway, but still…

I have no idea why I have this irrational (?) fear of dentists and dental clinics, but since I was a kid, I try to avoid visiting them as much as I can. I used to say that going to dentists is an expensive trip but truth is, that is just an excuse, I’m simply scared. But now its seems I can’t avoid going. I have two cavities that needs to be filled and its getting more and more painful day by day. I wonder till when I could put this off?

I’m also wary about visiting the dentists here in Cambodia. I’m not sure about the quality of their service and if I could put it off, then I’ll have the dental work done when I go back to Manila in October.

If only…

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