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Shopping Hiatus!

Yes, I’m on ‘belt-tightening’ mode.

It all started out when we installed new shelving in our house and room. Once the new shelves were in place, I started to raid the closets to segregate stuff I will still be using and stuff I can recycle and give away. And the amount of clothes I have amassed over the past five years was just staggering.

I rolled out 3 huge suitcases full of clothes. Mostly my daughter’s clothes that she has outgrown and my clothes. Mine were the worst coz some weren’t even worn. Perhaps I just bought them while thrift shopping and on a whim and didn’t end up doing repairs on them. Sad sad sad. I really should have better control of myself.

Also there were loads of handbags. Seriously, I had over 40 pcs and I gave them out to our neighbors and teens who love changing bags every so often. As I grow older I realize I feel less compelled now to change handbags. I just have a few ‘classics’ I can use on different occasions.

After all that, I decided I’d be on no shopping mode for the rest of the year, at least for clothes. Unless its a freebie or I’m in an emergency need for it. Can you imagine the money I’d save if I go on with this?  I also decided from now on I’ll be buying one handbag per year. A good one. I should really do away with hoarding.

That said, I will still be blogging here because I’ll still be shopping, mostly online (except for clothes and bags), reviewing online shops, and of course, featuring sale events.

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