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Shopping For ‘ME’ in Mind..

Most of the time during the Christmas rush I always forget to get myself anything. Always first on the list would be things for my daughter and husband and the rest of the family. And what happens is that when I get to think of what I want, its either I don’t have the energy anymore or I run out of budget already.

I tend to be so stingy with myself. I don’t have qualms about buying pricey stuff for people I love but when it comes to me, I really end up usually going for sale items or thrift hunting. This time though, I thought maybe its time I give myself a treat. It has actually been ages since I last went for some serious shopping.

And now that I’m done with it, I had to laugh out loud coz unconsciously I still went on to look for sale items. Haha! And I wasn’t even content with that, before I checked out my items (I shopped online..) I spent hours on the net looking for promo codes and coupons! And I don’t regret it! I got hefty price cuts, plus free shipping on most items.

Here’s some of my buys. Photos are from the websites as I have yet to receive my items here in Phnom Penh. Hubby will just be bringing it over, hehe another way to save on shipping – have somebody bring it for you.

From Overstock..

From Kohl’s..

From Target..

and I also got myself lots of camis from Target. They have some really affordable and nice camis in their product line.

Hmmm, I guess I’m one very happy camper/sated shopper this Christmas..:)

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