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Shopping for Kiddo for Less than $15

All of these for less than $15?!

Russian Market Phnom Penh Buys

Oh yes. 4 leggings for juniors @$1.5 each, 1 reversible puff skirt @$2  and 2 ‘Starbucks’ T-shirts for Juniors @$2.5. This loot costs just $13.  Awesome deals right?

Got it from Russian Market here in Phnom Penh. The leggings and the puff skirt from one of the small stalls there selling  tank tops, shorts and pants. Her leggings usually are quoted at $3-5. But haggle, haggle specially if you’re getting more. Remember, you are buying factory overruns so more chances of prices being lowered.

These Starbucks shirts with grungy prints are all the rage among the young ‘uns here in Cambodia. I don’t know why, but the kiddo wanted to have some I bought two. Some stalls are selling it at $4 with the shirt fabric not so good and the print not exactly well printed. So we searched for other stores inside the market and this one we found almost near the meat section selling it for just $2.5 with the shirt fabric vastly superior to the other ones near the outside of the market.

My favorite buy though is the reversible skirt. So cute! And its like getting two skirts for just one price, noh?

Shopping in the market is just so worth it. Even if its really crowded and hot. Value for every dollar.

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