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Shopped Wallets at Ben Thanh Night Market

We’re halfway through the first month of 2013 and I’m just checking in right now. Lol.

I’m still on travel, and I’m getting totally weary. And I’m longing to be home and get back to my regular routine. I guess more than a month long of traveling does that to everyone.┬áThankfully, I just have a day more to go and I’m back home to Phnom Penh. Yay!!!! I so want to get back to work and tinker with my website template builder, clean my house and tackle my laundry.

Right now though, I’m in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) Vietnam and we’ve been touring the city with my mom and aunt. And of course, I just had to do a bit of shopping too. It’s a too good an opportunity to pass up. And I do love shopping at Ben Thanh Market, especially the night market.

Here’s my latest buys: 3 wallets for only 100,000 VND each (around $5). I bought this coz I know how much replicas like this cost in Phnom Penh’s markets. Around $8-$12, so this way I saved a couple of dollars per wallet.

Shopping at Ben Than Night Market Ho Chi Minh

Shopping at the night market here is just awesome. And I get to practice my haggling skills to the max. I just wish I have truckloads of dongs to buy all the stuff I want. Ha!

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