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She Wants a Menagerie!

I’m talking about the kiddo. She really is an animal lover. Take her to a zoo and she’s beyond ecstatic. She collects books on animals. That’s perhaps because of having spent her early years with my family back home in the Philippines. We had a huge space for all sorts of pets and my dad is really into dogs, cats and just recently chicken. This is something they share with a crazy passion.

Mai Mai

When we moved her in Phnom Penh, we thought it was already a good time for her to have a pet. We got her Mai-mai, a mixed breed chow-chow, a friend gave us. She loved Mai-mai so much and I also can’t help but fall in love with this cuddly, super affectionate creature. But sadly we lost her, as Chinks used to say, she was ‘dog-napped’. It took her (and me too..) awhile to get over losing the little dog.

Now a year has passed and she’s been asking for a new pet. We’d been kind of postponing it coz our place is small and we don’t really have that much space for a pet. But she asked her uncle for a cat, and now we have a new pet – Muffin. I’m not a cat person, but I guess I’m being sucked in again..

Muffins, the kitty cat
Muffins, in her favorite hangout… near wires and cords. weird kitty..

And that doesn’t end there. She also got herself a set of fishes!! And we don’t even have a tank for them. Apparently she asked one of her teachers in school to give her some. Now, I’ve got no choice but to go out and shop for a fish bowl since I can’t stand to see them in a small jar. I asked her what’s next? Maybe sometime soon she’d be asking me to buy a horse. Fine, but I warned her. Never, ever think of adopting a pet snake. I draw the line at that.

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  1. Awwww – Mai-mai looked so much like our Max!! They are nice, affectionate, playful dogs, the chow-chows. They’re good apartment pets pero magku-kunsumisyon ka sa fur nila – everywhere! Muffins look so adorable – contortionist kung matulog! hahaha.

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