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Share a Thrift Hunt: Thrifted Tops

Woot! I making another post on my Share a Thrift Hunt meme. Yay! for being consistent hahaha. But no pressures, I simply want to share some recent second hand shopping finds.

Lately I’ve been liking peasant style tops and its hard to find that here in local shops. And I’m thinking my best bet would be second hand thrift shops. I was right @ Toto Recycle Shop Phnom Penh!

Found these two (Japanese brands): a navy peasant style blouse, I think this is meant for layering. I like the design, but alas when I got home I wasn’t very happy with the fabric, its a bit itchy. Lol.  But its a keeper and I don’t know when I’ll be able to use it coz its a bit thick and I’m living in a place with a hot climate. It’s a good buy at $.75 but I sure wish I thought about it first before buying it.

The second top is almost similar in style but its cream colored and the fabric is gloriously soft and comfy. Love it and especially love the price at $0.50.

Thrifted Second Hand Peasant Tops

There are really times when I go like, ‘Oh, why not just buy its cheap anyway, its not like I’m paying for those hugely expensive annuities that  is sure to make your wallet’s bleed.’ I rarely have this impulsive attitude while thrifting but whenever it hits me… I could only sigh.

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