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Scrapping Freebie: Cute Papers + .Pat for Photoshop

I should be shot. Lol. I made this a few days ago and was intending to post it here asap. I have a lot of freebies made and I keep forgetting to update this. Sigh.

Cute little digi scrapping papers and a .pat (pattern) file for Photoshop! That’s my freebie today. I spent loads of fun time making this. I think I’m getting very obsessed in making patterns and paper so you’ll be seeing a lot of free papers and patterns here.

Scrapping Freebie: Cute Papers 1 + .pat for Photoshop

~ Download ~

The pattern for Photoshop comes with one with fixed color background for each paper design, and another with transparent back for you to play with different colors.

I used font dingbats from KevinandAmanda‘s site to design some of the cutesy doodles on the paper. This is free for any use. PU, CU or whatever you wanna use it with. Link backs are not required but if you do link back to me, it would be greatly appreciated and of course, I’ll be more inspired to provide freebies. Lol. I only have one condition, not to claim this as your own or post it for download on your site. Feel free to share it with friends, but please just send them over here to download.

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