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I love online shopping and I made a lot of good buys already online. Right now though, I have to be on ‘diet’ with online shopping coz were based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There is no local Ebay here where I used to buy a lot of goodies also some online companies charge super exorbitant shipping fees to ship here. ┬áBut anyway, were slowly getting good service so hopefully online shopping will get easier for me in coming years.

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When buying online, for sure you’d have a lot of apprehensions. So how do you score good quality buys and at bargain prices. Here’s some tips:

(1) Know what you want. The internet is like a huge dumping ground. You’ll be bound to be overwhelmed with the variety of choices. So before you start, decide what you want. Example, you want to buy a dress, then be firm about it.

(2) Use your search engine. Make detailed searches to see what are the available brands, stores that offer it.

(3) Make use of social shopping networks. Check out ThisNext, Kaboodle, and the like for shoppers recommendations. This sites have really good categorization so you won’t get lost.

(4) Once you settled on a few brands or stores, then its time to read reviews. Buy only from reputable websites. If its your first time to buy its best to read user reviews on the site performance. Read product reviews too.

(5) Know about the return policy. This is very important.

(6) Compare shipping charges. You found the one you want from several stores, check out the differences in shipping costs.

(7) You’ve decided on which store to buy from? Then get back to your search engine and time to search for coupons, discount codes. I always do this and this saves me not just a few cents but sometimes almost a hundred in discounts.

(8) Learn about the customs charges in your locality. Each country have different customs and import duties and taxes levied. Some online shops are also willing to mark your package as ‘gift’ if its below a certain amount and this can be a big help in saving big on duties.

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