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Sad Things Has Their Limits..

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I’m trying to be patient. So I had been repeating this line over and over again since morning. Sad things has their limits, it will be over in just a jiffy, so rather than make a big deal out of it, be patient.

Experience has taught me this, that we undo ourselves by impatience. Misfortunes have their life and their limits, their sickness and their health. ~Michel de Montaigne


Over the weekend, the family has been sad because one of our cousins passed away after years long battle with cancer. It’s sad because she was still young, at her peak and with three young children. But I’d like to think now that at least she is resting and not suffering anymore. It was heart wrenching how much physical suffering she was going through the last time I saw her.

All I could now do is to pray and hope that someday soon, her kids will be fine.


I chose that quote for today because I’ve had some sort of misunderstanding with my husband’s relatives and my neighbors. They are nice, but misunderstandings can occur of course, since I am a foreigner, my way of life is different from them.

Anyway, I had been lamenting the fact that my neighbors are extremely nosy. Since I work from home I rarely really go out. So whenever we go out to shop, to have our coffee time we are like being clocked and all reports go to my in-law. For the longest time my in-laws has been understanding of me, but this time I think our neighbor’s gossipy tendency has won over. So, though my M-I-L won’t say anything bad to me, I gather she’s rather sad that we always ‘go out’ to eat or to walk around in malls. I feel sad because yeah, for the longest time she believed me and now it seems people who are narrow minded and badmouthing us has just been given an upper hand. I told hubby about this and he apologized and said he will talk to his mom. It did mollify me a bit but that doesn’t remove the hurt that this people do that and I didn’t even do anything to them.

I’ve also gotten a little piqued at my husband’s relatives pressuring him to be this and that. We just moved here two years ago after years of him completing graduate studies. And yes, we didn’t have much money when we came because how can one earn a lot when studying? In anycase, I think some of his relatives are envious, and has been pressuring him to buy a car and a bigger house. I told him, don’t be drawn into comparing yourself to them, they had been working to have what they have for the past twenty years or so. Let’s do things at our pace.

Also a big bone of contention is my child’s education. For them her school fees are expensive. I say, P#$%^&* to that! Hubby and I have different priorities than them. I’d rather have a well educated child and not have a car than like them driving Lexuses and the kids going to questionable schools and has been ‘learning English’ for years already but only knows the word ‘banana’. They seriously make the impression that ‘puffing their chests’ and showing they have money means more to them than ensuring their children are properly educated.

I had a long conversation with husband this morning and he told me not to be upset about this. To not mind it. But how can I not? I’m in the midst of it. Sometimes I wanna act rashly and give them hell, but this quote reminds me to take things easily..

Patience is also a form of action. ~Auguste Rodin

Life indeed isn’t a bed of roses. Hope things will be better soon.

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