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Rustic Rattan Pieces…

This afternoon I went with my friends to check out those furniture shops along Sothearos Blvd. here in Phnom Penh. My friend was looking for some decor and a side table and surprisingly those shops have some really fabulous pieces and at really good prices too. A nice side table won’t set you back more $20, a foyer table/desk would go around $30-$40. All these are made of wood and has that black, aged look.

I actually find rustic furniture to be very appealing. And among those I saw I am really wanting those bookshelves in same black, vintage tint and at only $35 for a tall one. But I have to postpone getting this till after we get the house fixed. I don’t wanna buy something till we actually have done the construction. You know I want the total look to be cohesive and I might change my mind later on.

We also wondered about the rattan shops and i Luv it! I saw a 4 seater sofa made of wood, tinted brown and costs only $170 which includes the cushions. I’m pretty sure the price could be lowered down to about $140.

I’ve also done a bit of searching online and I saw this. RattanCambodia.com. I dunno if they do made to order items. I think I would want to have a sofa set in one of the rooms or maybe in our planned roof deck. Like these..


and these tables/chair sets..

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