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Runny Nose Time..

I should really not complain. Aside from the usual cough and cold, I haven’t gotten sick. Phnom Penh is really good for me. Considering that when I was in Manila I would constantly get asthma attacks because of the smog. But here, its really rare for me to be in bed, sick.

But this past few weeks, I’m really annoyed coz I keep having colds. The weather and temperature is in transition and I always have a hard time during this period. Constant cold, or constant hot climate I could take in stride but when its cold at night then during daytime extremely hot, that’s when I’m really guaranteed to have colds.

Honey and Lemon

 a nice recipe for honey-lemon-ginger tea here .

Thankfully, though it gets better with just simple home remedies. In fact, my doctor tells me I’m much better off drinking just lots of water, fruit juices, honey & lemon concoctions and simple analgesics if I have a fever than really going for full medication.

I’m hoping this will be gone in a few days since we have barely 10 days before we travel to Manila for the Christmas break..

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