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After my month long vacation, I found myself roped into crocheting again. In fact I had my crocheting needles with me the entire time we were moving from one place to another. And had a crazy time crocheting necklace scarves and belts. Right now I’m crocheting a laptop sleeve for my sister and also two tablet sleeves for myself and a friend.

So what brought on this crocheting frenzy? Easy. It. Is. Awesome. I found myself enamored with simple easy to do crocheting projects. To be honest, as much as I drool over big complicated projects, I can’t commit that much time and I know myself, if it takes too much time, I’m just guaranteed not to finish it. So when I was combing for some fashion accessory crocheting project I stumbled across RedHeart again. And got sucked into checking out each and every pattern they have. Lol.

RedHeart Free Crochet Patterns

Next up, I’m looking for a pattern for a violin case. Yes, a violin case. This would be a gift for a friend’s daughter who plays the violin. I’m definitely going the extra mile here. But RedHeart is just so inspiring so I’m sure I can do it. Who knows next time I’ll be crocheting and stitching up guitarĀ cases? There is something so awesome and appealing to me about musical instruments sporting crocheted sleeves and cases.

This is another great creative outlet for me, but that’s not saying I’m gonna stop with scrap booking stuff. I’m just getting inspired in a different way and who knows I might get a lot of scrapping ideas from these recent creative find.

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