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Online shopping really did take a backseat for me. Even second hand thrift shopping is now a rare occurrence for me. I don’t really mind as its a way to save and also I’m simply too busy with my baby to even care about shopping for now. So for the most part of last year and this year, I’m not much well versed with trends right now.

Anyway, I think my husband noticed my conspicuous lack of shopping or perhaps he noticed the lack of shopping parcels coming in the house so when we traveled to Manila and Albay, he told me to go shop. I was like… WOW! You could practically hear my jaw dropping and banging on the floor. Hahaha.

And you all know, a shoppingera would never turn down that kind of offer. I figured I’d shop for clothes. But for some reason I ended up buying….. book and baking equipment! It so happened that one department store in Bicol was renovating so a lot of their inventory was on big sale. And I think I went cray cray with baking pans and all.

So you can imagine how heavy our luggage was when we traveled back. Thank God I prebooked really large luggage allowance. I’m always prepared, you know.

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