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I’ve got some good news. I’m really on track to getting fit. And though I know it will an uphill climb still I can’t help but be ecstatic by the progress I’m making. I don’t really have a hard time dieting, I can easily stick to a diet and frankly I don’t really eat much. But the problem with me was that I was mostly immobile. I spend hours in front of the computer and I don’t really do much exercise. Just a bit of dancing, jump rope and I usually drop it after a few minutes.

This made me realize I have to be more disciplined and be more active. I keep repeating this to myself: Be More Physically Active. So then, I started two weeks ago, with just simple running around our place. I timed myself 5 mins, then 10 mins, then 15 mins. To stop myself from getting bored from the routine, I usually need to have my MP3 player. After a week of doing that, I thought I’d be ready to do something more.

We then started on going on brisk walking exercises around the parks. I started of with 15 mins, and that was around 1 lap around the park. Now I’m walking usually more than 1 hour each day. Plus an hour of free style dancing and stretching at home. And guess, what I feel so energized. Like I don’t feel sluggish, I can do more work. And everyday I look forward to exercising.

I hope I could keep this up.

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