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I just love having conversations with my little girl. Sometimes you get really funny and rare gems and quips from her. At bedtime, I usually have to stay with her coz she’s having a hard time sleeping without holding Mommy’s hand. We also usually play Jose Mari Chan’s A Perfect Christmas CD and she absolutely adores his version of Little Christmas Tree that she plays that over and over again.

Last night, she had been crying a bit coz she said she missed daddy. So we took out a small calendar so we could count how many days till dad flies back. After a few minutes she was appeased and asked me why people have to work.

I told her people need to work to live and also to make use of your talents and to also enjoy. She asked then if work is enjoyable. I told her yes of course, work is not just a chore its also something you have to enjoy or learn to enjoy, if not it will be boring.

I asked her then, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ I guess I was curious coz when she was three, she told me she wanted to be a bus driver, then about a year after that she changed her mind and said she prefers to be a bulldozer or an excavator operator. Lol! She said its way cooler than being a bus driver. Okay, she does come up with weird stuff, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she tell me now that she wants to be a sailor !

But here’s what she told me, ‘when I’m big na I want to be an seller and also a painter.’ When she says seller she wants to have a business, I guess Hubby’s relatives’ business minds are rubbing off her. Not bad. Lol!

Ps. That Precious Moments Figurine, its cute right? It’s called A Mother’s Arms Are Always Open, available at this site.

Pss. That is part of my wish list…

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  1. Awww – I’m getting so envious now of your moments with your kiddo. I remember our youngest before when asked the same question — he said he wants to be a “kanyon” operator! Imagine that?!? Chinks can be whatever she wants to be, and more. She’s such a smart, sweet, and talented kid.

  2. this sweet sis…i can’t wait for isabelle…but for now, she can say thank you very much and good morning, pretty amazing, she’s growing so fast! with cj naman, he wanted to be a a doctor, a pilot, a solider then at one point gusto nya maging garbage collector, kaaliw, want to know why, because he saw these guys na namamasko, may binibigay na envelope at nilalagyan ng pera, hehehe! kulit. pero now, he is getting firm na, he wanted to be an engineer…will see, matagal pa, eh, dami pang pwedeng magbago! btw, i love that precious moments figurine….i want to have three and give each kid one! lastly, whatever chinks will be, i am sure she will do great…syempre magmana kay mommy at daddy! hehehe!

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