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Raising a Little Crafter

I just thought I’d share something my little girl made. Well, actually she made the paper folding thing but she threw her hands up in assembling it. So it was her dad who managed to tape it together. This started as a school ‘learn to recycle’ project. I was really impressed at how she doggedly persisted in making hundreds of folded papers to make this.

[singlepic id=55 w=400 h=400 float=center]

The finished product? Her little photo frame. The photo in there was taken when the kiddo was 10 months old. I think the whole thing is kinda cute. She’s growing up to be really the arts and craftsy type. Not something I forced on her. I just made the materials available to her and she just creates what she likes with it. I don’t put much restrictions or correct her concepts and leave her mostly to do her thing when she’s in artsy mood. Well, except in the use of scissors, yes I do intervene. lol. But I think that’s the key to nurturing and helping your kid develop their creativity. By letting them discover it.

And her school is quite impressive in a way that they steer the child in developing the skills they show a particular interest in plus I’m happy she’s being taught the value of recycling and the beauty in old stuff.


Photo edited in Photoshop for the old, seventies effect.

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  1. I think that’s a healthy outlook, Lui. You allow your kids to work independently, and without imposing any restrictions that, otherwise, would probably have adverse effect on her creativity and mood. Hayaan mong matuto siyang mag-isa – it’s the quick way for her to learn 🙂 I wish I could do the same for my kiddos (wala pa), or my nephew and nieces (malayo sila). Magandang summer past-time sana, di ba?

  2. @Sreisaat, true sis. even with her studies I don’t put pressure more like positive reinforcements. like if she does well, id always say that’s good work. and with art naman, i just really let her do her thing, malay mo she could come up with something unique by herself. i think the ‘interest’ would be discovered naman as long as you expose kids to materials na conducive to creating..

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