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Quotes & Thoughts: Family Travel

And that’s the wonderful thing about family travel:  it provides you with experiences that will remain locked forever in the scar tissue of your mind.  ~Dave Barry

I guess I was born with an itchy feet. When I was single, I could never save enough, mostly because I spent a whole lot of my income hopping from one place to another. Then I got hitched, and the hubby also has an itchy feet. In fact, he’s more into it than me. Check out his blog – Khmer with a Travel Bug, and you’ll see what I mean.


Then we started a family, but that didn’t stop us from moving about. Were the type to spontaneously go on a trip. Like when we were in Manila, we usually just think, ‘Oh, its great to go to Baguio..” So we pack stuff and off we go. That’s it! Not much planning. But of course, since we had a child, I exert more effort now to make travel a lot smoother.

Like now, I usually pre-book flights, tickets, hotels. Mostly because I don’t want the hassle of not having a place to stay with a kiddo in tow. But that doesn’t take the fun out of our family travels. When we travel, we usually don’t have much of a fixed plan. We just list down place we ‘must’ see and the rest of the time is spent wandering about, getting the feel of each place, people watching, eating local food…

I can’t really imagine myself traveling solo now. I guess I still can but traveling with hubby and my daughter is fun. We have lots of happy, lazy memories stowed away because of these travels.

If you have children and are hesitant to travel, we’ll don’t hesitate. For sure, it could be nerve wracking at first, but you’ll be weaving wonderful family memories together. And take advantage of this time because once the kids will be teenagers they won’t really like tagging along with you lol! Just relax and enjoy each moment. That’s my motto when we travel…

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