long Petal Flowers PS BRushes
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PS Freebie: Long Petals Flower Brushes

At long last!

I’m releasing a new freebie for everyone. This is a Photoshop brush set. It contains 7 brushes you can use for your Personal and Commercial projects. All of flowers with long petals. I know there are a lot of brush sets featuring roses (I even have one – check out my 10 Lovely Roses PS Brush Set), orchids and other flowers, but I’ve been longing for brushes of lilies and other big petal flowers.

I actually made this one for  a project and instead of just letting it languish in my hard drive why not share it? I’m sure there are lots of things you can make pretty with this one.

These brushes were made using free photos from PhotoRack.net. Took sometime to clean it up and delete backgrounds and make the brushes but I think its worth it since its now easier to incorporate into scrapbooking and other projects.

long Petal Flowers PS BRushes

~ Download ~

I’m loving this a lot since it produces a ‘watercolor’ effect when added to projects. Please read the Freebies TOU included. Have fun with it!

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