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PS Freebie: Color Tones Action Set for Landscape Shots

A crazy thing happened. My spare HDD where I keep all my graphic design files got corrupted. I don’t really know what happened, just that one time I was using it fine, the next time I plug it, its says corrupted need to be formatted. I was just gutted! That’s almost three years worth of work, although some of them have backups online, the newer ones were gone forever. Including the big set of PS Actions I’ve been working on.

I wish I could go shopping and buy myself some knockout shoes just to console myself, but after a few days of moping around I did get over it. All I have to do is start again. Sigh.

So I had been trying to recreate a few of them. This set works well with landscape shots with a lot of light. I find it doesn’t have much effect on dark photos. It has 6 color action sets to set a different mood and tone to your photos.

Action Pack 2

~ Download ~

Action sets make photo editing a lot faster. On your Photoshop,  on the actions pane, just load the .atn file and you can now use the action sets. I’m working on more photo actions, and hopefully, I could get them to you soon.

No restrictions on use. Please just don’t redistribute this on other website. If you want to share this freebie, please send your friends over here to download.

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  1. thank you so much for this. So sorry to hear about your miss hap. I lost 500gb worth of graphics due to the same thing. I later found out it had fallen on the floor. the faries had done it!!!!!! acording to the children

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