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PS Freebie: 10 Leaf PS Brushes

Ola! I’m back with a freebie! And I hope with this freebie offering, I’ll be forgiven for leaving digi scrapbooking for awhile and getting seriously sidetracked with crocheting.

Anyway, I have Photoshop brush pack for today. I picked out high resolution leaf images courtesy of Photo Rack. Then I cleaned it up in CS4, removed backgrounds then turned it into brushes. I was actually making this for a personal project but I ended up making a lot so I might as well share it with everyone.

For sure, you craftsy and creative digi-scrappers and graphic designers out there would find some cool use for these.

Free PS Leaf Brushes

~ Download ~


This is free for Personal or Commercial Use. If you use it, link backs/credits are not required but if you do mention me, then the credit would be much appreciated. Feel free to use this any way you want and you may share this to others, but please do not host the freebie on your own site, nor should you claim it as your own. If you want to share it to others please just link to this post so your friends can download it.

I’m feeling extra generous so I also whipped some floral elements for digi-scrapbooking projects using the freebie above. I’ll be posting it next.



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