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Preview: My First GMarket Haul

I think I might just die of excitement so I’m just resorting to writing a preview hahaha. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a Korea-based shopping platform called Gmarket. I got curious and started to explore the site. Registration is free and I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of goodies one can get from this site. GMarket is owned by Ebay and its basically a platform where sellers can sell their goodies. What’s really great about is that if you are an international buyer, they have a consolidation and shipping service that I find really nice and affordable.

Gmarket Korea Global Site
Gmarket Korea Global Site

Now as for the goodies, well it has everything from clothing, bags {yes!!!! Bags}, shoes, cosmetics and skin care to whole smorgasbord of items you’ll get dizzy just trying to browse. This is a definite shopoholic destination specially if you have a penchant for top of the line Korean cosmetics as well as affordable but quality Korean apparel. Once I got interested, I began scouring the web for user reviews and shopping hauls. And I found tons of people already addicted to shopping at Gmarket and I enjoyed a week or so reading their reviews. Let’s say 95% of them had fabulous shopping experience with this site.

So then, I’m convinced to give it a go. I won’t {for now} be posting a ‘how to’ shop at Gmarket tut here coz frankly there are tons of guides all over the net, so just Google and you’ll find some helpful bloggers who already put up a guide on shopping at the shopping haven that is Gmarket. I might do a Gmarket Help series once I get the total once over the site.  A word of advice, acquaint yourself with a web translation tool like Google Translate so your Gmarket shopping life would be easier.

Since this is my first time to do Gmarket shopping, I have to do things in stride and spend only a moderate amount. I promised myself I won’t spend over $70. So here’s a preview of the loot.

Gmarket Haul #1 Preview
My First GMarket Haul: Preview

60 sachets of skin care samplers {O Hui-Sulwhasoo-Hera}, Skin79 BB Cream Miniature Set, Summer Mono Dress – in Gold, White-Black Sneakers. Total Cost: $50+ ;  Shipping: W18000 {via EMS}. Not bad. Yay! Getting deals like these make me giddy happy!

I expect to receive these hopefully early next week and of course I’ll be posting a review. :))

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  1. Looks like a great shopping experience. I might check up on this site sometime too. Might get addicted as well. I am actually looking for a pair of flat boots that I can wear casually. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. @Adin B, navigating and comprehending the site is tough but its all worth it. I love the variety and the price is just wow!

  3. @Donya Booding, me too! And its cheap hahaha.. I hope it’ll look good on me Lol. I’ll be hauling leggings next.

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