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I’ve been daydreaming again. Sigh. But I enjoy it anyway. What brought this on? Well…These pretty things I saw on iVillage.

Gorgeous home office. I looooove love the vintage elements especially the fabrics. I have a crazy thing for floral vintage and I want my ‘home office’ to be like this. I’m not sure though if hubby would approve. We’ll be sharing the office space. Maybe he could have his ‘masculine’ and minimalist space on the opposite side? But whatever, I want this. End of story. Hahaha..

I just can’t help but gush and be inspired when I see things I find beautiful. But that’s a good thing right?

This desk space for kids is just gorgeous. My daughter is a book junkie so the extra storage space would always be wanted. And I love the clean, fresh look of this one..

 and this book shelf. I Love Love. It’s just so unique looking!

I swear when we renovate our old place or perhaps buy a new place, its going to look like the ones in the photos. Lol. One can dream, right?

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