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Pretty Find For Mom: Boho MultiColor Tote

I think most women likes bags. Haha it’s a common thing. When I was single, I used to be crazy bag collector, I didn’t really give a hoot if its too pricey or not. As long as it catches my eye, I just got to have it.

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But times have changed of course. Now that I have a kid and a family, priorities have changed. I still indulge in my bit of bag obsession but I’m pretty careful now about my finances and ‘the worth’ of what I’m buying. Considering that I’m very fickle and my attention span is short, I don’t go now for super expensive bags which I know I would simply tire of after a few months.

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Bags like this I love! Hobo style with loads of room for stuff a mom needs to lug around and of course, its pretty but not that expensive. I think this is a really fab find: Boho Multi-color Tote bag from FredFlare, only $26.

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