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Pregnancy Update

Two months ago, I blogged that I was expecting. I’m now on my 17th week.

And so far things has been going smoothly for us right now. I didn’t have a very serious bout of morning sickness and nausea. Thankfully. Last December though, on my 11th week, I had a really bad time throwing up. Then after that week, it just cleared up.

The second trimester is really one of the best phases of pregnancy and I’m intent on enjoying this and not worry too much. Soon, I’ll be having another scan and I’m excited to know my baby’s gender. We’ve waited on purpose for me to reach at least 20 weeks to do a gender scan so we can be sure. I’m just crossing my fingers that she/he will let us have a peek.

Right now, I’m starting to feel some fluttering, not exactly big movements. My tummy is also not yet big, with just a little bump and I expect that will change soon. We’re also very excited that soon we’d be able to feel the baby move. I’m just hoping he/she lie low on being a¬†hard core rockstar¬†and start beating around like my tummy is a drum. Lol.

Also, I’m very pleased our 10 year old daughter is adjusting well to the changes and she’s actually impatient and wants me to give birth soon. Right now, I’m enjoying as much time as I can with her coz I know that might be limited when the little one arrives.

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