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I love taking photos, and I am also nuts about photo editing. I love Photoshop in a ‘heart shooting out of my eyes’ way. I fancy myself being an amateur photographer and I kinda think collecting photographs is just as cool as having a prized collection of┬ápersonalized coins. BUT, I never thought I want to tote around a DLSR camera.

I know they take outstanding photos, I know they have this cool nerdy appeal. BUT it just didn’t appeal to me. I’m not known to be a patient person and I’m also known to be a light traveler. I don’t like toting around big and heavy stuff. So having a DLSR camera wasn’t really in my list or in my plans.

But then again, hubby got tired of his current point and shoot camera and got himself this one.

And I also know how fickle he is. He has an attention span of a two year old. Thank God he doesn’t read this blog though, hahaha! with all sorts of things I reveal about him, he’d probably be mad. But I digress. It didn’t take long for him to do his playing with his cam and ‘gave’ it to me to play with. Ha!

And what do you know. I love it. I mean I love the photos I can take with it. It’s addictive. I must admit to be half-way in love with it. Hahaha.

But I still don’t see myself toting around this huge bulk so I just set aside time for photo walks or photo shooting sessions. The rest of the time I carry around my phone camera or the good old thin point and shoot. I think this set up works for me. For now.


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