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Plans and More Plans


I’ve gotten rid of a lot of online work clutter. I got rid of websites that I had built and have gone stale. There were a lot of things keeping my attention and I have realized they weren’t really worth it. I was slaving over something I didn’t really like much and getting a pittance for the effort. So I just got rid of those junk and now I have just a few websites that I am actually interested in and intend to build bigger.

Thankfully, this is one of those ‘LOVE’ sites. Ha! I am after all a crafter at heart and this is something that I enjoy doing. And while blogging and writing about my crafting interest can at times get tedious, I still enjoy it. Sharing and creating with others.

So what are my plans now?


I’m one of those bloggers who just can rest easy or blog easy when the look and feel of the site isn’t up to what I want. I tweak my sites to crazy proportions, I tell you its a massive obsession. A nice looking blog makes me want to create and write more. Illogical for some maybe but it sure works for me.

This time, I’m using Genesis Framework by StudioPress which I just LOVE LOVE LOVE. I highly recommend this framework if you’re blogging. On top of it, I picked out WPCanada’s Megawatt Genesis Child Theme. I was happy with the structure and the layout of the theme but I wanted it to look different. And I worked on the CSS backend and here’s the end result..

Seriously, it looks so different, right? I should re-start making WordPress themes. Lol! If only I have the massive amounts of time it needs. But I have a little baby to take care of so this is wishful thinking on my part.

How do you like my new site theme?

More Posts, More Content, More, More, More

As part of my blog build plan, I intend to post more. Yes, crossing my fingers I could actually do this. Yes, I can!! I’ll be posting more about digital scrapbooking, design resources and of course digital scrapbooking freebies! I’m also resolving to be good and diligent in making more templates.

On top of digital scrapbooking, I will also be posting here now about Crocheting! I got rid of my crocheting blog and will just merge it here, so you’ll surely be getting a lot of blurbs about crocheting and free crocheting patterns!

Push the Craft Blog Income Potential

I’ve never really monetized this blog, in fact, most of my blogs. And there is income potential in all of them, so this time around I want to have the added motivation of having an income stream from these blogs. I know blogging is all about passion but to keep things sustainable it has to pay for itself too, right? I will eventually be adding a ‘blog income category’ here and sharing my journey about earning from a crafting blog.

What are my monetization plans?

  • Keep Adsense running – this one is earning me a minimal amount, but it adds to the coffers. Hope I could raise more traffic and of course more income from this stream.
  • Affiliate Marketing – yes! This one I never really dabbled into but I have tried it with Amazon and other products here and on my other sites, and it works! In fact, on one of my small sites, with small traffic, but highly targeted, I’ve started to earn decently so I want to focus more on this.
  • Explore other income strategies.

In this area, I’m taking things one step at a time. I tend to get overwhelmed so I’ll be experimenting and checking out what works and what doesn’t.

More Learning and Crafting!

This is my last resolve. I want to learn more crafts mainly sewing, knitting and other paper crafts. The more I learn and explore, the more creative things come out of me. And that I think is the same for everyone.


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