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Passport Cover Hunt

I was in a really dour mood when we arrived in Siem Reap last week because I misplaced my passport cover. I could only thank God, my passport was not inside that time. I’m thinking I’m misplaced it right after I exited the immigration counter and I was in a hurry to be in the restroom that I stuffed my passport inside the bag and my passport cover was left perhaps on the restroom counter.

I love that cover to bits, and it has traveled with me for a few years already. And besides it was a gift from a dear friend. So now, I’m on the lookout for a good replacement. I still have a couple of Amazon GC’s leftover from Christmas so I looked over the site for some nice ones. Here’s my shortlist:

Airlines Route Map Travel Passport HolderAirlines Route Map Travel Passport Holder – I like the abstract looking route map on this holder. And it pretty cheap too.

Pink Alligator Croc Print Passport Cover HolderPink Alligator Croc Print Passport Cover Holder – something feminine. And this pink alligator print cover looks so girly.

Antique Map Italian Leather Printed Passport Holder CaseAntique Map Italian Leather Printed Passport Holder Case – so I have a thing for maps. And all the more so if it has a vintage vibe. This one’s just gorgeous!!! I just wish I have several passports, noh?


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