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Pasalubong Shopping…

My sister is going home for a short vacation this April and I guess we have to do our pasalubong shopping soon. This is something sooo Pinoy. Most of us are close to our extended families and whenever one goes on trips, its like an unwritten rule that you have to at least bring back something for each family member and close friends.

Last time I went back home I did some serious shopping. It was hard on the wallet but it was worth seeing the joy in each person’s face when I gave them their gift. I only give small items because (1) I don’t have oodles of moolah and (2) I see this only as a token of affection or a gift so small things would suffice. Besides, one thing I don’t want to encourage is for family members to have the ‘buy me this and that’ attitude. I work hard for my money so I won’t waste it like that.

But still, it gives me pleasure to give little somethings for everyone. Guys, like my brother are quite easy to please. No pricey cigars on his wishlist, just a shirt, or a wallet would do. And of course a pound of chocolate. My dad, though just prefers to be sent a camphor-eucalyptus oil rub from a pagoda here and also ground coffee. My mom is much easier to please, Khmer silk is what she wants.

As for my lady cousins, scarves or other knick knacks would do. I think I better make a list. Will be going shopping on Friday. =)

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