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Pamper Me Please

I want a nice long warm bath and a long soothing massage. I should really go visit a spa soon. It has been months since I gave myself this kind of pampering. I think this has been the longest for me to go without a massage, it has been three months! I’ve been skipping coz I am so lazy to go out when its so hot. I’d much rather stay home. Another thing is that, I’ve been so busy. I have a lot of things to do. Home and work. Both of them are vying for the mere 14 hours I could stay awake.

I suppose since Mother’s Day is coming up I really want to pamper myself. Ha! I’m not gonna wait for anyone to do the pampering. If I start a ‘pamper me please’ campaign on hubby, well, he might relent when massage is no longer the in thing and were in the 30th century.

In any case, during one of our ‘planning our future’ talks {hahaha!} I told him when we build a house, i want a huge ensuite bathroom with a jacuzzi, complete paraphernalia and of course not to forget a hot tub spa covers and my personal massage therapist. Of course, he just looked at me like my sense have finally taken leave of me and laughed. Yes, he just laughed. So much for my dreams of grandeur and pampering. Lol!

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