Rambling On

I am Freaky and Funny

I just love these short quizzes. When I’m wandering aimlessly online I’d mostly always end up taking those random and funny personality tests. Just this morning I checked out Blogthings.com and The Chair Test got my interest. So here’s how they read my personality based on the chair I picked. You Are Freaky and Funny […]

Rambling On

Unconcious Mutterings: Week 370

Ok. My first Unconscious Mutterings post. Harm :: Hurting. Sometime unintentional but does it matter? It still hurts. If ::I had loads on money and time, I’d fly home to the Philippines every week. On my own ::I tend to accomplish more than when someone is breathing down my neck. She said ::I didn’t listen. […]

Rambling On

Welcome to Just My RagBag

Ragbag (n.) – a collection of miscellaneous things. So this is it! My collection of random stuff, random blog posts, blog memes, stories, photos, whatever really hits me.. My name is Lui. I’m a mom, a consummate shopper, kitchen amateur, digital gadget junkie, coffee lover, and addicted to blogging! I started blogging 2007 with my […]

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