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OWSS Finds: Maxi Dresses @ Causeway Mall

Why am I looking for Maxi Dresses? Because its summer!!! Yay! I’m thinking of florals, flowing fabrics. But I’m pretty sure too if I buy it I won’t be using it the whole year round. So I checked out wholesale suppliers again for some affordable buys. I found a Hong Kong based fashion wholesale website called Causeway Mall.

Since they are a whole sale website then they have a minimum purchase of $100. Not bad since most of their items are priced below $20 and with that you’ll get about 5-8 items already! Also, parcels from Hong Kong posts are custom friendly…

Here’s some maxi dresses I really found lovely…

Sexy Thai Peacock Prints Deep-V Maxi Dress – $14.60

Maxi Dress - Causeway Mall

Euro Chic Beaded Halter Low-Back Maxi Dress – $13.79

Maxi Dress - Causeway Mall

Stunning Tied-Dye Ruffles Collar Maxi Dress – Red – $13.79

Maxi Dress - Causeway Mall
Euro Elegant Laces Trimmed Layered Maxi Dress – $15.22

Maxi Dress - Causeway Mall


Tempting prices and items! I also looked into their other items and I think its pretty much easy to fill in the $100 quota. Shipping fee is also not that pricey compared to other sites. I think I’ll be looking out and featuring more value for money shopping sites like this in the future.



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  1. I too am shopping around for some maxi dress because I want to try and see how it looks on me. I am way short and I am scared to buy a maxi dress, so for me I am looking forward to a more solid color or nothing that has big prints or flowers on it as it will drown me. hehehe… I have seen a lot of these fashion bloggers who wear their maxi dresses in the fall and even the winter with layers of sweaters and coats and scarves with cute high heeled boots and it’s very do-able. 🙂 Wow! I have never heard of this website before and it’s in reasonable prices. So tempting to buy! hehehehe.. thanks for sharing! I like the Deep V shape as it’s sexy and also the beaded halter one. 🙂

  2. @AdinB, I have the same dilemma, me and big prints don’t blend well. Hahaha I saw a maxi dress in plain black with a very cute crocheted accent and I sooo wanted it but they didn’t have my size. I just might be tempted to buy.

    Yeah I’ve seen fashion bloggers do that and I’m envious and I just wish I could wear high heeled boots, they are just so darn sexy IMO. But its steaming hot here in PP. I’ll probably visit a nice cold country sometime just so I could do that.

  3. hehehe… you are right. it won’t be ideal wearing something with coats and scarves if it’s hot where you at. I think I might invest in at least two maxi dresses in solid colors that I can wear in all seasons. I can’t wait! 🙂

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