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OWSS Finds: Cute and Affordable Bags

I’m addicted to online window surf shopping. Yes, I cruise a lot of online shops on a daily basis. I like trend watching and hopping on these sites keeps me abreast with what’s the latest. Also, it satisfies the shopping craving in me and I don’t even spend anything lol! It’s also the best way for me to check and compare items when I need to buy something and a fun way to discover new shops, and where I could buy things that are cheap.

Anyway, a few days ago, a friend forwarded me a link to one of her online suppliers. She has a small fashion boutique in the Philippines and she says she buys a lot of her stuff online. Chinese-Korean-Japanese styles are a huge hit for young people so she sources a lot of her items from some wholesale Chinese shops. The good news is, these sites sell also on retail. Yay!

So I browsed. I found myself liking these cutie and very affordable bags. Well, if you’re the type who loves to have one bag to match each outfit, then this might be  a great choice. All items from Wholesale-Dress.Net.

Leisure Colorful Zips Canvas Bag Khaki – $6.22

Leisure Colorful Zips Canvass Bag Khaki


Fashion Eye-splices Hand Bags Beige – $6.37

Simple Style Carves Bags White – $4.40

Cuties right? And very affordable. They also have several options for shipping. I’m really tempted to buy some from this site. =)



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  1. Yeah who wouldn’t right? It’s every girl’s fancy these days and you always seem to find a cheap yet fashionable anything online! I had been thinking of getting into the biz since I too know a lot of suppliers.

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