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My sister just moved out of our house to her own apartment. She wanting to be independent and yup I’m fully supporting her decision. Anyway, with her gone, I freed up a lot of space in the house. So I worked out a frenzy to reorganize everything. The bookshelves, the closets etc..

And now I’ve gotten to the my usually feared task of organizing my personal stuff on my dressing table. I’m always hesitant to do this bit of organizing coz it takes me lots of time to decide where to place things. And I do own a lot of personal accessories. I love semi-precious stones and I’ve got a decent collection of them although I don’t wear them anyway. I just like em. I also have some sterling silver jewelry, and a few gold pieces.

I wish I had a lot of space for them, but for now I can only place them on enclosed jewelry boxes. It would be nice if I also had something like this for those items I regularly use.

Jewelry Organizer

Roost Easy Jewelry Stand available at Modcloth. Cute and so quaint looking, right?

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