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On To The Grind

I used to tell myself when I started blogging, that I won’t ever use my blog as my ‘complaints board’.

I should have known by then that is something hard to do even if complaining would just be occasional. Ha! I think its like me proposing I look gorgeous in riding pants like an elegant equestrian. Wishful thinking.

So yes, I’ll indulge in a bit of complaining. Nothing overboard, and I don’t usually complain about other people or business, more like complaints about myself, my workload. Yes, petty stuff indeed.

So my chief complaint for this week: I’m tired. Very tired. And I have to get back to the grind and work, work, work. The possible earnings as well as the possibility of the things I’ve worked for going stale is just too much for me to ignore.

It all started with our long holiday, a few trips, ┬áthen we had a family affair, then I tried doing all chores by my lonesome, then I got sick. So it just got to the ‘too much level’.

But thankfully, these past two days I’m slowly recovering. I have managed to do the mountain like laundry, and the ironing. wow the ironing was just epic. That’s what happens if you are out of the house for months and no one is there to do the chores.

Since all piled up chores are done, now I’m slowly feeling my way into blogging regularly again. And in a day or two I’d want to say hello to my graphic design projects but not right now. I’m giving myself time to readjust lest I go bonkers again and be back to being feverish.

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