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Now I’m More Than Miffed

These past few months, I’ve been not so lucky with my online shopping purchases. I blogged about purchasing from Aliexpress and goodness I bought the item first week of August, and now its October and I haven’t received the item yet.

Talk about being disappointed. I submitted a dispute with seller but she just reasoned shipping is always delayed. Pfft! I bought lots of time from the site and only this time I was that disappointed so her shop is now on my ‘never to shop on’ list.

Also, I shopped for some baby cloth diapers and inserts from and gee its also super delayed. Which is triple annoying coz I purposely bought above $50 so I could get free express shipping. Seller said HK customs is very strict right now hence the delay. So what can I do. Let’s just say I’ll be thinking a lot of times before buying from them again.

This makes me all want to take a long hiatus from online shopping. I guess luck ain’t on my side, if luck even have anything to do with it. So yes, that platinum ring I planned on buying hubby for his birthday would definitely not be bought online. I will shop for it from a physical store to be absolutely sure.

BUT. I’m still hoping my two packages will arrive. SOON.

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