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Not So Glittery Christmas This Time..

I used to get so excited when the ..ber months  are in. At least when we were living in the Philippines, where everyone starts decorating  for Christmas in September. We, Pinoys love to celebrate and the glittering decorations makes it more festive. And besides my mom used to reason that since you’re decorating, you might as well enjoy it longer, right?

Whenever September comes around, my brother and I would brainstorm for a unique Christmas decorating theme and scour decorating shops and decorate our house to our hearts content.

Christmas Decor- Wreath

But since moving here to Phnom Penh, Christmas decorating hasn’t really featured much in my agenda. Christmases here are quieter affairs and to be honest I don’t really get into the frenzy. Specially this year, since we’ll be traveling to Manila anyway to have the holidays there.

So I haven’t lifted a finger to spruce up our place here. Last month, I’ve been dilly dallying about decorating but my mind is sort of made up now. I would just save myself the hassle of putting up the tree and trimmings {and the hassle too of keeping it} and just relax. I do intend to just enjoy festive, decor crazy Christmas in Manila instead.

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