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Night Driving Drives Me Nuts

I so love my blog post title. Hahahaha. It’s a tongue twister…sort of.

And yeah, I do mean it. I have a 20-20 vision but I hate night driving with passion. And its quite understandable since I’m driving the roads of Phnom Penh. Chaotic would be an understatement. It’s challenging enough during the daytime, but at night, its just nuts. There are a gazillion (a bit of exaggeration of course but you get my drift, right?) motorbikes, lots and lots of huge SUV’s, unreliable traffic lights, and narrow roads. And of course, most folks don’t follow traffic rules. The perfect mix for driving chaos!

As much as possible I avoid driving after 6 pm. I don’t care if I’m driving and hunting for all important stuff. You won’t see me often on the road when night falls.

I think this little fear started when one time I was out for coffee with my sister and left for home a little past 7 pm. And almost hit a guy riding a bicycle. I didn’t see him coz he was wearing an all black outfit, and his bicycle didn’t have any reflectors. I could only thank God my reflex are pretty good on the brakes.

So now, I ¬†only go out at night if its unavoidable. Like last Saturday, hubby’s flight came in at around 8pm so I had no choice but to hightail it to the airport to pick him up. Those are just the few exceptions I make. Hahaha. I know its something I could overcome, but for now I’ll let it be. Perhaps when the memory of that almost accident fades, then I’ll be fine.

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