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New Love

Hmm. Nope I’m not planning to replace my husband. He is afterall, the love of my life. Hahaha (just in case he reads this, noh?).  I’m just talking about a new online shopping site that I am currently head over heels in love with. Even my friend now shares the love coz I just couldn’t wait to share the find to her. Now were both obsessing on the goodies there.

It all just started out when I was looking for a musical instrument. How I came from searching a musical instrument to stumbling across a vintage-y cute gift shop is beyond me. I blame it on Google.

Anyway, after much hopping about, I stumbled across the site NotonHighStreet, a UK based online shop.

Not on High Street Shop

I love how items are categorized, it all makes gift hunting a lot easier. Plus, they also ship internationally. Right now, I’m knee deep checking out their Home Items which are just gorgeous. I have already made up my mind to buy some bags in here. Very soon.

Go on ahead and explore the shop. I’m sure if you like cutesy, vintage, retro stuff you’ll just fall headlong into love with this shop.

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