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New Favorite Shopping Playground

Oh yes, I’ve got a new favorite online shopping playground.

I’ve been buying from this place for sometime now, but its only just recently that I’ve realized I really liked shopping there. I’m talking about, the retail version of China shopping giant Alibaba. My shopping love affair with Aliexpress was rekindled when I bought a lumbar support belt for my sister.


That transaction went really smoothly and my sister was happy with the quality of the support belt and we did save lots of money with that purchase. Aliexpress is just a huge marketplace, you can easily get lost and spend days browsing what’s on offer. Really almost everything is there!

So from then on, I’ve been shopping there quite regularly. During my pregnancy, that’s where I bought lots of maternity undies since I had a hard time looking for good ones here in Phnom Penh. Also bought a lot of onesies and cloth diapers + inserts for baby there. Now I’m browsing the site for a baby carrier and also a diaper bag.

Do note that this site has different sellers and suppliers so packages are not consolidated. Finding reliable sellers can also be a hit and miss thing. Soon, I’ll be putting together a shopping guide/tips on getting good deals on Aliexpress.

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