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This is bad. Lol! I think I might just get addicted. We went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for a few days and I found a new shopping mecca – Benh Tanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City. Before, I used to go to Ho Chi Minh but I never really paid much attention to what’s in the market. I assumed it was your typical tourist trap fare. But a few days ago, we decided to explore the night market and we found lots of goodies, and nice ones too! So then we decided to check out the entire market the next day, and what do you have. lots of good buys!

Ben Thanh Market - Ho Chi Minh

I also like how the market is organized, clean and easy to navigate. And you have practically everything under one roof! But I would say the best buys would be bags. Traveling bags are also cheap and factory overruns especially Northface and Kipling bags are all the rage. I dunno if its authentic or not, but its top quality at super super low prices. I was also tempted to buy a hand carry luggage coz it was cheap but I decided to hold out and buy one next time I go there.

There are also lots of Vietnamese lacquer wood products, the usual same-same but different shirts {but I kinda like the designs there} and I love the candies. I would definitely be checking out this market now everytime we go visit Ho Chi Minh City.

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