Rambling On

New Doors…

He’s everywhere. Always there, every time.

Sometimes, when we have problems or facing tough decisions, its easy to say, where is God. But for me, I find him to always be a comforting presence. He’s there in little things. He shows the way in the simplest ways possible.

What got me in this mode of thinking?

Well, I was in a dilemma. I have several new web projects at hand, but in order to make a go for it, I had to let of old ones that weren’t working so well. The stubborn, prideful part of me refuses to accept this. It’s hard, its painful. But its inevitable. So I’ve been shedding unnecessary projects for the past two weeks.

This has made me resentful, irritable and depressed. For the past few days, I didn’t have the energy to deal with the new projects. No matter how compelling. For me it was an imposition. Until I saw this on my email inbox…

When a door of happiness closes, another door of happiness opens.  But here’s a problem: You keep looking at the closed door so long, you don’t see the other door opening.

Door Opener,


P.S. Stop looking at that closed door, Lui. Look around you.  There’s a new door of happiness opening for you!

And its all right! Yes, I’m entitled to be sad about something that failed and had to be brought to a stop, but God is so good he’s giving me opportunities right on platter. I feel shamed that I didn’t appreciate this gift. So now I feel renewed, have a sense of purpose.

All I could now say, thank you for being there, for always.

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