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New Breakfast Fave: Weetabix

Now that I’m taking language classes in the morning, I always have to get up early, prepare breakfast, pack lunch for my daughter to take to school then fix myself for school. And that leaves me very little time for my own breakfast.

I usually prefer oatmeal for breakfast but sometimes that takes sometime to fix as I prefer the quick cooking oatmeal than the instant oatmeal. I check the nearest grocer for much better alternatives, and I found Weetabix! I first tried the biscuits and I liked it, sometimes with cold milk, other times slam dunked in coffee. It’s very filling and I found myself not getting hungry and not taking snacks before lunch.

So now this is my current favorite breakfast.

Weetabix Whole Grain Breakfast Cereal

Weetabix Whole Grain Biscuit Cereal.


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