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My Thrifty Tank Top Frenzy

This post is actually spurned on by the Phnom Penh summer heat and well, my closet cleaning yesterday. I was digging through my closet to look for summer clothes I can wear and I was on the dig particularly for tank tops. It could get really hot and sweltering here in Phnom Penh so the best thing to have are tank tops!

I have piles of ‘house wear’ tank tops and I just realized I got majority of them on thrift! In fact, a lot of my house clothes are thrifted! Why? It’s practical and I think I’m lucky enough to find goodies made of cotton {which I prefer} on thrift shops. I also like wearing sleeveless shirts at home. It allows me freedom of movement, its lightweight and helps me beat the heat.

Here’s just two of my favorites..

[singlepic id=68 w=350 h=400 float=center]

my IHT. I totally heart this, and hubby teases me he keeps seeing this almost every two days. I love the fabric..


[singlepic id=69 w=350 h=400 float=center]

crocheted cotton tank top. too nice to be house shirt but I like looking nice, so…

Both of them I got for only 1000 Riels ($.25). I could get this price coz I usually buy more than 10 pcs and that’s 50% off.  I think I know what to hunt for next time were out thrifting again… More tank tops!

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